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Master Lock M5EURT Excell Laminated Steel Padlocks
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Specifications :

1. Body width 50 mm
2. Shackle diameter 9 mm
3. Shackle length 25 mm
4. Horizontal shackle clearance 24 mm
5. Cylinder number of pins 4
6. Cylinder number of keys 4
7. Number of padlocks 2
8. Body material laminated steel
9. Body stainless steel and zinc sleeve
10. Shackle boron alloy
11. Shackle dual ball bearing locking
12. Keyed alike padlocks (Same key opens all padlocks)

Features :

1. Octagonal boron-carbide shackles, which are twice as
    resistant to cutting as standard shackles
2. Dual ball bearing locking that gives twice the pull strength
    and pry resistance
3. A protective cap on the cylinder or combination for better
    protection against the elements
4. Rubber bumpers to protect surfaces from scratches





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